Gorgeous Antique Lace Woven Shabby Christmas Tree
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The ultimate in shabby Christmas decor.  Each tree is custom made using tons and tons of vintage fabrics and laces to create a vision of loveliness.  The medium tree as shown is approximately 3' tall, measuring approximately 16" across the base.  The frame is woven using individual pieces of material and hand tied for stability and many years of use.  All trees come with a planter base with a rod securely in place to go up through the frame of the tree to hold it in place, therefore, these consist of two separate pieces.   Trees do not come with lights, however, are constructed so that you can easily add your own.  A gorgeous addition to any shabby decor or for that special Christmas you are looking for. 

  • Item #: NJS001

Gorgeous Antique Lace Woven Shabby Christmas Tree

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